We are committed to operating datacenters sustainably

The focus on sustainability and energy efficiency is at the heart of our solutions.


We build and operate our
datacenters sustainably

We enable resource-saving construction and energy-efficient operation. Our focus is on using 100% renewable energy as much as on using the waste heat produced during operation.

Our sustainability initiative includes the following:

Energy efficiency

We operate our datacenters at a high energy efficiency with a PUE value below 1.3(1). This results in both reduced power consumption and minimized CO2 emissions.

< 1.3

Power Usage

Green energy

All DC1 sites are powered by 100% renewable energy.


Green energy


Our sites are built using a modular construction method(1). This construction method is both sustainable and time-saving due to the optimized use of resources. Modular construction significantly minimizes the consumption of sand and cement.



We use indirect free adiabatic cooling to minimize energy consumption, electricity costs and the carbon footprint(1). Cooling is achieved via air-to-air heat exchangers using only the outside air and is supported by the evaporative cooling of water as a cooling medium when required. Currently, this is the most environmentally friendly and most sustainable cooling for datacenters.

Environmentally friendly
sustainable cooling

Use of waste heat

Today we are already using waste heat for the heating of the office spaces at our datacenters(1). More extensive use is planned once the regulatory framework is adopted, and we support this by already actively working on the development of area-wide waste heat use.


no need for additional heating in the office spaces of our datacenters through the use of waste heat


We operate our datacenters at a high water efficiency with a WUE value around 1.3(1). Hereby, we already comply with the limits planned by the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact.

≈ 1.3

Water Usage


DC1 is ahead of industry-leading
sustainability initiatives

We joined the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact in 2021. Like all other members of this self-regulatory initiative, we have committed ourselves to support the European climate goals and to evaluate and pursue the following 5 aspects:

  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Use of green energy
  • Saving water
  • Reuse of server equipment
  • Use of waste heat


By operating our datacenters with a PUE value below 1.3 and 100% green energy, Datacenter One is already a step ahead of some of these forward-thinking goals of the Pact. As a member, we support all objectives of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and are constantly working on moving sustainable datacenter operations forward.

Carbon footprint

We are monitoring our
carbon footprint

We analyze our individual carbon footprint and derive potential savings from this. The calculation is based on various parameters such as electricity and other energy consumption, fleet management, travel, purchasing and waste management. Within the industry of datacenter operators, we are already one of the companies with the lowest CO2 emissions. Our goal is to reduce these even further by regular monitoring. The calculation and analysis of our carbon footprint is carried out and monitored by our independent partner carbon responsible.


Bronze medal for our
sustainability management

We have been awarded the bronze medal in the EcoVadis sustainability ranking. EcoVadis evaluates the policies, actions and results of the company’s sustainability management.

DC1 is committed to protecting our forest areas

We protect 842 sqm of forest area by participating in the UrwaldProjekt of Wohllebens Waldakademie. The forest in the area we lease is not managed, which protects old tree population and creates important habitats for animals and plants. In addition, we are contributing actively to climate protection, as a large amount of CO2 will be absorbed by the forest for the next 50 years.



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(1)Excluding legacy datacenters GRP10 & NB8 in Stuttgart