Datacenter Coupling
Stable network with fast data transfer

Interconnection of datacenter locations – with optional encryption.

Stable network with fast data transfer

Datacenter Coupling
We connect datacenter locations

Do you need more datacenter capacity? We provide the optimum connection between your sites and the datacenter.

Fail-safe operation and speed are important factors for company success. The base for this: The datacenter as the focal point of digital infrastructure. Our service for connecting datacenters via fiber optic connections offers exactly that precisely: Fast data transfer across Germany with minimal latency – you define the degree of high availability yourself. Your company information can be mirrored 1:1 and protection against data losses are included and there will be no issues with compliance.


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  • Your datacenter coupling involves minimal latency.
  • You receive a scalable data rate with more than 100 Gbit/s to your sites.
  • We offer multi-stage redundancy as an option.