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Future-proof optical fibre technology forms the basis for Datacenter One Colo Connect. We always customise Internet connectivity and data center connection, matched to current requirements and future growth. Therefore, Colo Connect is scalable and has high performance. We will agree on the bandwidth, potential redundancy concepts as well as encryption of Colo Connect services in your customised solution package. We provide you with different data connections and connections to the Internet in wide range of bandwidths.


Virtual cable for data exchange between different locations.


Broadband, protocol-transparent point-to-point connection.


Broadband Internet connection with multiple redundancy.

Data center interconnection

Datacenter One connects your data centers

A reliable interconnection of your data centers is one of the most important requirements for a seamless business process when it comes to transferring large quantities of data or the parallel operation of overlapping applications. Therefore, Datacenter One makes use of powerful connection technologies and connects your data center even over longer distances with minimal latency.

A well thought out infrastructure connects all paths

Thus, your connected data centers can access the data, programs and resources of other data centers. Connecting your customers and suppliers, who can access your data and resources, immediate availability of data in case of a failure of a data center as well as using your data center for disaster recovery are the other aspects that we take seriously.

Your data is transported on dedicated optical fibre lines and encrypted with AES 256 if required.

In addition, our data centers have an ISO 27001 as well as EN 50600 certification and are TÜV certified. Ranging from copper-based back-up connections to optical fibre-based high speed connections and DWDM, we provide you with a customised solution package.


With Colo Connect Ethernet we provide you with a data connection with digital interfaces in accordance with IEEE 802.3 standard for LAN connection as Point-to-Point connection:

Virtual cable for data exchange between two locations

Scalable connection of small broadbands up to 10 Gbit/s

Has transparency limitations

Benefits from redundant backbone of DC1

Makes relocation of server cabinets much easier

Transmission of all 4096 VLANs

More cost effective than a DWDM connection


Colo Connect Optical Transport Managed Wavelength: 

Datacenter One provides you with a protocol-transparent, Point-to-Point connection via DWDM network:

Lowest latency (approx. 0.2ms (one way) at 30 km distance)

Complete flexibility of bandwidths (from 1G to 100G - everything is possible)

Maximum scalability

Highest possible protocol transparency

Multiple Layer 1 protocols (Ethernet, FibreChannel, FICON, Infiniband)

Optionally with AES256 encryption

Optional with BSI certification for transfer of data with security rating 4: VS-NfD


Datacenter One ensures the fast Internet connection in your company

The speed of your daily communication stays and falls with the speed and stability of your Internet connection.

Benefit from Datacenter One Colo Connect and IP Upstream from our own, redundant backbone with more than 100Gbit/s of upstream capacity to renowned partner providers or send your packets thanks to direct peering directly to largest cloud providers without any detour. In an very unlikely event of a failure of your or our component, Datacenter One will provide a redundant port that will automatically divert your connection.

IP Upstream:

With IP Upstream we guarantee a secure and quick Internet connection in the data center and this has a redundant design.

Security and Service for your IT

Always connected

By using x-time redundant Internet connection and a redundant power supply, we ensure that your servers are always available and secure.

Certified and secure

All DC1 data centers are ISO 27001 and TÜV certified. Our multi-level security monitoring is naturally at the highest level.

Service and monitoring

These are of primary importance for us. Proactive monitoring and personal 24x7 service 365 days in a year - these are a matter of course for us.

Quick and flexible

We offer reliable solutions tailor made for our customers. We are flexible and quick when it comes to the implementation of changes, expansions and your requests.

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