LEV1 in Leverkusen

One of the most modern data centers in Europe

The “LEV1” data center has been developed as modular new design at the Leverkusen location – in the Rhein-Ruhr metropolitan area. It is considered as one of the most modern and energy-efficient data centers in Europe. Stringent requirements are also documented through TÜViT Level 3 certification with EN50600 and ISO 27001 certification for IT Baseline Protection. The data center was operational in May 2017 after a construction period of just six months.

The modular design, combined with construction approval already available for the next section, makes it possible for Datacenter One to implement your individual requirements with regard to space, output and equipment, exactly in the way you want it – and all this in a record time.

Safety and service

Developed for optimal processes

The building has been planned for use as a data center only and therefore fulfils all requirements with reference to safety and availability.

The premises are operated by experienced Datacenter One personnel, who are specially trained for operating data centers. Datacenter One operates a Data Operation Center (“DOC”) which is staffed 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Always Online

High availability and efficiency combined in a meaningful way

The power supply to the data center spaces is through a separate A/B feed supply that has a redundant and modular UPS system and emergency power system. Diesel supply for each feed is available for at least 48 hours (it is possible to fill tank during operation, diesel can also be supplied on Sundays and holidays).

Redundant air cooling is ensured through adiabatic indirect air/air cooling systems. The evaporative cooling of water is used as cooling medium in order to support and optimise indirect free cooling. This form of cooling not only improves efficiency, but also has massive influence on the protection of our resources and environment.

Environment-friendly efficiency

Innovative and proven – That’s what DC1 stands for

In addition to availability and security, energy efficiency plus the associated sustainability and lower operating costs is the central requirement for modern data centers. We achieve best energy efficiency values by using adiabatic cooling, modular energy systems and stringent planning. The PUE of the data center is less than 1.3 – and that too with highest availability. The ongoing verification of additional and meaningful optimisation measures is an established and continuous process.



Total space of approx. 3,000 square metres

Modular new construction

Construction time 6 months

PUE < 1.3

100% green power

Certified Level-3-Data Center

24x7 access with 2-factor authentication

24x7 on-site security service

Space for individual racks or cages

Air conditioning

The whole area is air conditioned through highly efficient, adiabatic indirect air/air cooling systems with n+1 redundancy.

Comprehensive cold aisle containment with sensors for optimal control of cooling

Cold air distribution in to cold aisle through raised floor

Output per rack ranging from 1 kW and 10 kW

Power supply

Completely separated redundant power supply path

Transformer and NEA per feed

Modular and energy-efficient n+1 UPS systems, which are extensible, per feed

Grounding and potential equalisation connections

TNS network and residual current monitoring

Fire protection

Automatic fire alarm and gas extinguishing system

Early fire detection (RAS)

Emergency power system with CO2 fire extinguishers

Multiple fire compartments


Building monitoring through permanently manned (24X7) control center as well as addition, multi-level security systems. This also includes comprehensive video monitoring, safety fence systems with perimeter monitoring as well as RC4-certified building external structure.


TüViT Level 3 with EN50600

ISO 27001 IT Baseline Protection

Security and Service for your IT

Always connected

By using x-time redundant Internet connection and a redundant power supply, we ensure that your servers are always available and secure.

Certified and secure

All DC1 data centers are ISO 27001 and TÜV certified. Our multi-level security monitoring is naturally at the highest level.

Service and monitoring

These are of primary importance for us. Proactive monitoring and personal 24x7 service 365 days in a year - these are a matter of course for us.

Quick and flexible

We offer reliable solutions tailor made for our customers. We are flexible and quick when it comes to the implementation of changes, expansions and your requests.

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