About us

Datacenter One GmbH


Datacenter One GmbH emerged from Globalways AG.
The foundation for the current Globalways AG was laid in 2001 as a local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Through sustainable and strong growth, Globalways has now become one of the leading City Carriers and data center operators in Stuttgart and the region.
The increasing demand from customers all over Germany and the associated customer requirements led to the development of our own data center strategy: tailor-made, highly energy-efficient and quick set-up of data centers in modular format with direct optical fibre connection to customer locations.
Our data center strategy with country-wide expansion led to the establishment of our own umbrella brand: “Datacenter One”.

First data center of DC1 strategy was opened

“LEV1” data center in Leverkusen was opened in May 2017 as the first data center of Datacenter One and it took us just six months to build it from start to finish. It is considered as the one of the most modern data centers in Europe. The first expansion stage covers approx. 2,000 square metres of area and can be expanded to 6,000 square metres.

As the first data center set-up using modular technology, it received the “German Data Center Prize 2017” and is considered as a pioneer in the industry.

About us

Datacenter One plans, builds and operates data center infrastructure in Germany. Starting from a space of 500 square metres, Datacenter One can build your data center at the desired location within 6 months.
You can design your space based on your requirements and scale in a flexible manner. The data centers of Datacenter One are highly energy efficient (PUE <=1.3) and meet the highest requirements with TSI Level 3+, ISO 27001 and EN 50600 certifications.

IT-Infrastruktur der Zukunft

Die Datacenter One (HQ in Stuttgart) zählt zu den führenden deutschen Infrastruktur-Anbietern in den Bereichen Colocation und Connectivity.

Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, die Firmenkunden aller Größen mit modernsten Rechenzentrumslösungen zu unterstützen. In den nächsten Jahren sollen technologisch führende und höchstenergieeffiziente Rechenzentren in bundesweiten Metropolregionen geplant, gebaut, betrieben und miteinander gekoppelt werden.

Durch die innovative Modulbauweise können die Rechenzentren flexibel und bedarfsorientiert konzipiert und wesentlich schneller realisiert werden als mit herkömmlicher Bauweise.

Environment-friendly efficiency

In addition to availability and security, energy efficiency plus the associated sustainability and lower operating costs form the central requirement for modern data centers. We achieve best energy efficiency values by using adiabatic cooling, modular energy systems and stringent planning. The PUE of the data center is less than 1.3 – and that too with highest availability. The ongoing verification of additional and meaningful optimisation measures is an established and continuous process.